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“A digital auction as close to a live experience as possible”, was the requested mission. The corona pandemic has changed the world in many ways, and horse auctions are not excluded. Digital auctions have been around for many years now, but during these special circumstances we wanted to do something new, better and a little bit more fun. Something that hopefully can benefit the whole industry, and that can increase the interest for horse auctions in general.

Web TV broadcast

At 17:30 CET (Central European Time) on Thursday the 24th, Friday 25th and Sunday 27th of September the live Web TV broadcast of Kriterieauktion begins. On Saturday 26th of September the sending begins one hour later, i.e. 18:30. The first call out for bids is at 18:00 / 19:00 CET. During the broadcast, the horses will be presented and sold one by one via a newly developed bidding program for this purpose. We believe and hope that it will be a new and exciting experience.

Becoming a bidder

Bidding at Kriterieauktion 2020 is something that should be a precise but uncomplicated process, just as it is at a normal auction. But also with a certain amount of tension.
It is important that You register in good time before the auction starts. A secure identification process is used via the Internet, where Swedish customers can use bank-ID for identification. Foreign customers may register using an sms-code. A “sign off” is connected to the agreement between the seller and the buyer. Please read the Terms and Conditions!
After identification, You create Your own password. This password will now be connected to Your identification, and Your approval of the auction agreement during bidding.

How to bid on a horse

Only registered and approved bidders can bid on the horses. Kriterieauktion 2020 opens for early bidding from Sunday 20th of September at 18:00 CET. The bidding that commences live during the Web TV broadcast starting 18:00 CET on Thursday September 20 starts from the last registered pre-live Web TV auction bid (the last registered bid from the early bidding). All bidding is conducted anonymously. If You are the first to put forward a bid on lot number 1, You will become “Bidder 1”, but only for that horse (lot). If You are the seventh person that is bidding on lot number 2, You are “Bidder 7” for that horse (lot). After each completed purchase/sale, the identity of the successful buyer is made official.
The horses are sold one by one with a clear finalizing process.
The auctioneer waits until the bidding is about to stop. Then, instead of saying ”första, andra, tredje” and tapping with the auctioneer’s hammer as is customary at Swedish auctions, a clock will be started counting down 15 seconds. If a bid is made during these 15 seconds, a new 15 second countdown is started. This continues until no new bids are made, during the countdown.
The bidder with the highest bid when the countdown is 0 and the digital auctioneer’s hammer has been tapped, has won the bidding.
Please note that there may be some seconds lag in the live Web TV broadcast, the clock on the internet page (website) therefore is the only one relevant for the auction, and will be the clock that the auctioneer adheres to.

Bidding intervals

The starting bid for all horses (lots) is 25 000 SEK (Swedish crowns/kronor). Up to and including 50 000 SEK, the bidding interval is 5 000 SEK per bid. After that the bidding interval increases by 10 000 SEK per bid up to and including 250 000 SEK. After this the bidding interval changes to 25 000 SEK. You can increase Your bid by several intervals at a time, by clicking several times before posting Your next bid.


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